Circuit Jules Tacheny de Mettet - Informations




Royal Union Motor Entre Sambre et Meuse
Rue Saint Donat 6
B-5640 Mettet
Tél : +32 (0)71 71 00 80
Fax : +32 (0)71 71 00 81
Email :


+32 7 171 00 80


+32 7 171 00 81


GPS coordinates

50°18'03" North / 4°39'09" East

Description of the Circuit Jules Tacheny de Mettet

The circuit is built on an own site of 14 hectares with an elevation of 13 meters. The particularity of this circuit for both motorcycles than cars that it has been designed for different users. It shows a possibility d'emprunter the one or the other baffle at the discretion of the organizer of the event.
 A service road bypasses the entire circuit from the outside and serves mainly cars of intervention, emergency services and journalists.
 The grandstands on natural site give panoramic views and d'ensemble on the entire circuit. Preliminary monitoring infrastructure, stalls, paddocks are awaiting final construction in the next few months.
 10 turns and many opportunities for alternative channels for simultaneous formation of several groups.
 All turns were called by the names of the drivers who have distinguished themselves on the Mettet circuit throughout its history since 1927.




2280 m


12 à 14 m

Straight line

609 m

Noise limit on the Circuit Jules Tacheny de Mettet

95 dB, mesuré à 1 m de l’échappement avec un angle de 45° et à 75% du régime maximum.

Weather on the Circuit Jules Tacheny de Mettet

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