26/04/20 - Lurcy-Lévis (Ulteam Racing)

These information may have changed since they were published, in case of doubt please contact the organizer : theUlteam Racing.
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Come and practice skiing on track with your road car without using your tires !!!!!!!!!!
 The superb Lurcy Lévis circuit (3 hours from Paris!) Welcomes us again to an open day on slides watered track. It combines slow corners means, others very fast (unique in France to slide). It is also perfectly clear (grass all around), to have fun safely. Rolling on the largest of 2.6 km route, all washed down regularly throughout the day, of course.
 Rolling in 2 trays (not 3 of many events) to ensure you maximum driving time. Similarly the second and third conductors are free and no charge.
 Rolling will be by 25-minute session with two trays (modern cars, older cars), with a 15 minute break in order to water the track (minimum 6 sessions for each tray in the day). Maximum 19 cars on track at the same time for enhanced safety and driving comfort. If the weather is too dry, the sessions will be tailored and more frequent watering to maintain the wet track.
 Coaching sessions are also available. You can book a real driving experience with an instructor for 5 sessions in your vehicle. You get the advice of an expert of skiing, you will progress much faster and you will tremendously fun driving your car. The coaching sessions are eligible for more track time because they can occur at any time of the day regardless of the platter.
 Remember to book your tickets in advance (often full 15 days in advance) and the coaching book for you the best instructors !!!
 - Payment sent more than 15 days before: 225 €
 - Payment within 15 days before: 250 €
 - Half day: 150 €
 - day track access + 5 coaching sessions: 420 €
 - Sliding Baptism passenger: € 29
 - Car rental on request.


Driving advices from professional coaches are available on this trackday.

which cars are the best this trackday?

These car categories are not related to weight restrictions defined by the French Federation on French tracks. Please ensure that your car's weight is in the right range for this trackday.
Best car categories for this trackday are:
light Lightweight as Lotus, Atom, KTM, Caterham...
sport Sport berlines and coupés as BMW M3, Z4, Audi RS, Nissan 370z...
gti GTI as Fiesta ST, Clio RS, Golf, Civic type R...

These car categories are allowed even if not the best ones:
gt GT and supercars as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin...
competition Race cars as Clio Cup, Porsche Cup, Seat Leon Supercopa...
collection Classics as Porsche 914, Alfa GTV, Jaguar E-type

These car categories are not allowed on this trackday:
monoplace Single seaters as Formula Ford, Formula Renault, Formula 3...
proto Sport prototypes cars as LMP4, Funyo, Norma, Ligier, Juno...

Drift This trackday is dedicated to drift or has special sessions for drift.

For more information about this trackday, please contact the organizer

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Informations pratiques

Noise limit on the Lurcy-Lévis

102 dB

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These information may have changed since they were published, in case of doubt please contact the organizer : theUlteam Racing.